50+ easy Shabby Chic Decor ideas

Sometimes it’s tough to think of specifics when we’re doing a little decorating, at least it is for me. I found a great list of suggestions to follow in creating that vintage style around the home in the style of shabby chic decor.  I’ve written about them on my blog. 

In a nutshell we simply seek to find any vintage items that were in use many years ago and strategically place them as accent pieces within the room.  For example, in a kitchen we would look for vintage kitchen tools, maybe some vintage style tins (if we can’t get the real thing), etc.

Explore the comprehensive list on my blog:

Easy Shabby Chic Decor; 50 + Simple Suggestions



Shabby Chic Decor Style Guide | Shabby Chic Decor Resources

I found a really nice shabby chic decor style guide


today and have written about it.  It features 9 beautiful photos to serve as inspiration as well as education.  Enjoy the style guide and find more links to other resources along with the article.

Shabby Chic Decor Resources | Gardenias in a Vase or as a Candle

White gardenias are a romantic, simple, elegant choice with old fashioned appeal so they fit right in as a shabby chic decor accent.  The only problem with them is they just don’t last very long in the vase.  A great alternative are discount candles in the fragrance of Gardenia.  The size and shape of the candle can make an important impact since the containers can have the vintage appeal we’re after in a shabby chic theme…read more about discount candles in shabby chic decor  


Day 18 | 365 Days of Shabby Chic Decor Resources | Recycle an old window

Old windows often turn up in shabby chic decorating projects.  Often they are hung on the wall or rest on the fireplace mantel, maybe have a few accessories added for extra charm.  This article shares resources for MANY more ideas – including a coffee table, bed canopy and accessory shelf.  The resources include some great photos that are sure to inspire you for your own unique creations…

365 Days of Shabby Chic Decor Resources | Old Windows

Day 17 | 365 Days of Shabby Chic Decor Resources | Decoupage

Complete instructions for the art of decoupage are featured in this post.  Many custom, personalized accessories can be made using this technique and it is extremely budget friendly.  It also offers up a great excuse for browing the thrift stores and local garage sales.  This method can be used on furniture as well as small accessories for shabby chic decor…

365 Days of Shabby Chic Decor Resources | Decoupage | 1-17-11

Day 14 | 365 Days of Shabby Chic Decor Resources | Decorating with utility hooks?

Function is a nice bonus when we’re decorating and utility hooks lend themselves nicely to being both useful and pleasing to the eye as part of our shabby chic decor project.  Here are some ideas for using them and how to create some very budget conscious accent pieces with them.

365 Days of Shabby Chic Decor Resources | Decorative hooks

Day 13 | 365 Days of Shabby Chic Decor Resources | Tea stained fabric for a vintage look…

Sometimes getting vintage accessories is a tall order, either we just can’t find what we need or it’s out of our price range.  One way we can create a dramatic impact to a decorating project is by using lots of fabric.  I found two really good sources with complete step by step instruction for tea staining fabric to give it the aged, vintage look we need for shabby chic decor.  Enjoy…

365 Days of Shabby Chic Decor Resources | Tea Stained Fabric

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